Wimmer Cookbooks boasts a powerful list of self–publishers and organizations that made profitable decisions for the future of their books by choosing Wimmer for their reprinting needs.

During the reprinting process, Wimmer publishing consultants and coordinators work with publishers to refine and redesign the existing book. This “partnership” extends across each stage of the process – from concept and development to marketing and distribution – and guarantees the timely completion of a quality, viable book.

As always, reprinting publishers are assured the highest quality manufacturing standards and publishing assistance, as well as the availability of the newest printing and binding capabilities.

Reprint Timeline
Wimmer turns around reprints quickly, usually within eight weeks of a publisher signing off on their proof. We know how important it is for our publishers to have stock to sell, especially before the holidays.

Wimmer publishers have the option to store their cookbooks in our fully-insured warehouse adjacent to our production facility.

Inventory Control
When publishers choose to use Wimmer to reprint books and take advantage of our storage services, Wimmer will provide publishers with inventory reports as needed. These inventory reports give publishers a detailed account of the inventory and activity associated with their books that are being controlled by Wimmer.  For publishers who keep stock in several locations, this service is vital to keeping track of books.

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