Long before a cookbook is printed, publishers must identify selling features, target markets and opportunities for promotion. And then, once the book is printed, the publisher must consider additional, more specific means of selling — such as cooking demonstrations and trade show exhibitions. Needless to say, the marketing aspect of the cookbook business can be a bit intimidating. Wimmer Cookbooks simplifies this process, by offering a range of marketing strategies, solutions and assistance.

Cookbook Marketing Manual
We provide new publishers with a workbook that explains the importance of effective marketing, introduces recent industry trends, and offers resources for obtaining critical marketing information and research.

Digital Department
Since Wimmer Cookbooks is part of a large, commercial printing company, we have a digital department skilled at producing high quality, low quantity digital promotional and marketing pieces for our publishers. We can design and produce as little as one of any item or as many as several thousand for a competitive price. These pieces include, but are not limited to, posters, table tents, brochures, pre-sales order forms, after launch order forms, invitations, note cards, book marks, flyers, stickers, post cards, gift cards and more. The turn-around time on these items is fairly quick and consists of designs consistent with your cookbook’s cover and overall theme.

Cookbook Marketing Workshop
The Marketing Workshop is a one-on-one session with your publishing consultant that concentrates on marketing trends, operational training, and strategies to increase sales. Topics include, but are not limited to, direct, wholesale and distributor sales, internal marketing, press kits, and media relations. 

Internet Visibility
The Wimmer Cookbooks Website is an informational tool, as well as a sales and marketing resource for customers, retailers and buyers who wish to learn more about cookbook publishing.

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