Once a storyline is established and recipe collection is well underway, there are numerous design decisions to be made. These choices regard artwork, typesetting, layout and design, and determine the overall appearance of the book.

Publishing Coordinator
From selecting cover art to determining page design, a personal publishing coordinator guides each publisher through the production process. Expert in printing and design, the coordinator reduces the need for extensive edits, and, ultimately, ensures the book progresses in a timely manner.

Nutritional Analysis
Wimmer Cookbooks has access to nutritionists to evaluate any and all recipes the publisher chooses to analyze.

Graphic Design
Coordinators assist publishers with the design and application of cover art graphics or photography — inserts, and the layout of both recipe and text pages.

An accurate and “user friendly” index is crucial for the success of any cookbook. To ensure Wimmer publishers receive a solid, marketable book, our designers generate a cross-referenced index for every cookbook published.

Professional Recipe Editing
Wimmer publishers have the option of having their recipes professionally edited by professional recipe editors. Wimmer has several professional recipe editors committed to taking the recipes that publishers submit to Wimmer and transforming them to a professional quality. The recipe editor will also make all of the recipes consistent in the style determined by the publisher.

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