I have heard from many organizations that they have an inventory of cookbooks that they want to move…

To get your inventory moving again you must first understand why they were originally purchased and what they really are:

1. They were purchased to raise funds for your organization!

2.They are NOT cookbooks… they are fundraiser vehicles!

Now that we have this out of the way, we can look at your inventory and work it!

Get Selling ….

Create a month long event The Great Cookbook Sale! 

Connect with a local charity and pledge funds from the sale of the cookbooks sold during the event to the charity.

Share the News: Release the news to the local media, spread on social media and throughout your organization. The local charity would do the same. Place the books for sale on your and their website and on a site like “kickstarter (click here to see examples)” – drive traffic to the sites and get your inventory sold!

Set-up Suggestion/Fund Sharing:  For each sale deduct the cost of the cookbook plus a small handling charge – the balance of the sale would go to the local charity. This way you recover the cost of the books, plus a little… and help out a great local cause!

Profit – Let’s get Real: While you will not realize the same profit as you originally envisioned from your cookbooks with this program; you will release the capital tied up in inventory.  At the same time if you are currently paying to store the books this cost should be reduced, or if you sell them all, it will go away completely!

Seasonal drives: Using our recipe card sets, select 20 seasonal recipes and create a recipe card teaser set. This can be great around any holiday… in the back of the recipe card set can be a either an order card or a pledge card… If you have books in inventory it would be an order card “Like these recipes – Buy the book.” If your cookbook is out of print – it would be a pledge card – pledging allows you to build up enough orders to place a print order – this way you are not buying cookbooks (with the hope to sell them), you are buying cookbooks you have already sold!

New Cookbooks: If you have an old cookbook that is no longer in print you can now bring that cookbook back to life. We can produce cookbooks starting at quantities of 100; while you will not make the margins that you had in the past, you will not have to buy five years+ supply of cookbooks. The goal should be to pre-sell then print, so that you carry zero or minimal inventories. Or, if you want to create a new cookbook – we can help you look at the numbers to make sure that you get out more than you put in; and, again are not left with years and years of inventory!

e-cookbooks: Lastly we can convert your cookbook into an e-cookbook.We have partnered with CreateMyCookbook to bring you their patent pending unique cookbook App. Great for out of print cookbooks, or to compliment your current cookbook!

Let Wimmer help you bring back a favorite “fun”draiser – the cookbook – and let us do it so that it makes financial sense.






Got Excess Inventory – Try Something New!
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