Wimmer is proud to announce our new fundraising book “The Entertainment/Lifestyle Book!”

This book is for an organization to use to share an overview of their city/geographic area.

The books is custom designed for each group, with four main sections + an intro and end section.

  1. Introduction: About your organization, mission, etc.
  2. What’s Happening & History: with places to go, events, along with an¬†overview of what makes your City/area attractive.
  3. Style: Recipes from your group/area – can include recipes from previous cookbooks.
  4. People: Important Figures in your city – Select interesting members of your community and interview them – have them list their favorite things in life and also a favorite dish (show a recipe of the dish).
  5. Sponsor Section: Restaurants/Hotels and Fine Stores – feature popular locations – and have recipes from them.
  6. Contributors & any other closing materials.

This style of book is aimed at developing a new market and audience for fundraising.

Tourists, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, & New Residents.

 Call or use our contact form to request more information.