Wimmer Cookbooks have entered into a joint venture with Create My Cookbook to provide our customers with a new and unique e-cookbook solution!

Our cookbook solution allows you to produce a conventional e-cookbook, while offering the user the ability to view the recipes in an easy to use, easy to read “RECIPE” format!


The cost of our e-cookbook is very competitive and the set-up fees are nominal, allowing you to quickly and easily create an e-version of your cookbook.

This solution is ideal for cookbooks that are out of print, or are no longer selling at the rate that makes it viable to produce more conventional “printed” cookbooks.

The e-cookbook can also supplement your “printed cookbook,” allowing an audience that would prefer to read and use the book digitally to gain access to your tried and true recipes!

To learn more about our e-cookbook call Jana Warren at 901-462-3454 or customer service at 800-548-2537, alternatively email us by clicking on this link: Customer Service